About Us

Below are some of the services we provide.

Customer Services or Passenger Services

This section is the one that deals with passenger and baggage check-in. When you arrive at the airport for a flight, you go to check in counters and this is where you are given a boarding pass and your luggage is also accepted for the flight.

Personnel working at check in counters are called passenger services assistants or check in agents. Their main responsibility is to check in passengers and their luggage for a specific flight.

Apart from passenger and baggage check in, this section also handles passengers that require special assistance are those with mobility difficulties, the elderly, unaccompanied minors, first fliers et cetera. LIHACO has special equipment to handle special needs passengers such as wheel chairs and special vehicles that help lift such passengers into the aircraft called Passenger Aid Unit.

Baggage Services or Lost And Found

As the name suggests, it is a section within LIHACO that deals with lost, delayed or even damaged luggage. It is not the best section to work as all the time personnel working there face irate passengers whenever something has happened to their luggage.

People working in this section are well trained on how to face such tough situations when dealing with angry passengers as well as on how to trace lost or misplaced luggage. They their own tracing system which is linked to all airlines worldwide and are able to trace and bring back lost or misplaced luggage from all over the world.

Load Control

This section deals with ramp activities such as coordination of aircraft servicing units, preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet etc.). This section I would call it a technical section as it is where all safety related issues regarding aircraft loading are conducted.

Their prime focus is on accuracy and safety as well as ensuring on time performance. Ramp services offered by LIHACO include meeting and marshalling the aircraft, aircraft offloading and loading of baggage and cargo, equipment supply, provision of Ground Power Unit (GPU), Air Condition Unit and aircraft push back tractor services, aircraft interior cleaning, provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft, passenger and crew transport between aircraft and passenger terminals, storage of pellets, containers and other unit load devices.

LIHACO Security

This section works hand in hand with airport security section which is under Malawi Polices Services. LIHACO’s security section ensures that passenger baggage is not tampered with either from the check in counters to the aircraft for the departing baggage or from aircraft to arrivals hall for arriving baggage.

Some of you might agree with me that once your bags are checked in, anything could happen to them. There are some airports within the region where by every time you have your bags checked in, by the time you arrive at your destination; some items in the bag would be missing. There is a lot of pilferage and that is why LIHACO has its own security section that make sure that such things don’t happen within our airports.

LIHACO Maintenance

LIHACO's maintenance section that takes care of all its equipment. LIHACO’s equipment includes vehicles, tractors, high loaders, baggage conveyors, baggage tags, baggage dolleys, baggage carts, passenger stairs, passenger aid unit, ground power, air service unit, water and toilet servicing units just to mention but a few.